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The Dream Presentation began as a fifth-grade graduation gift to my daughter and her class. 

Here are comments about the presentation from teachers.


My class and I have had the pleasure of attending John Rezell's Dreams presentation.

It motivated my class and me to set goals for ourselves that have had positive impacts on our lives. John's ideas must work at home, too, because his two daughters are top-notch students and citizens.

  John is quite interesting and I give him my highest recommendation.

                                                 Mark Nyegaard
                                                 Holt Elementary

John Rezell's presentation reaches students in important ways. First, it's lively, with video clips, pictures and music — so they are focused and interested the whole time. He engages them further by asking them what their dream is, helping them set goals and then discussing how those goals can be attained. Because he's a parent, he relates well to this age. Finally, he is full of spirit and inspiration — a role model. I appreciate his desire, and ability, to help kids achieve their dreams.

Andrea Fox
Berth Holt Elementary


Raz's presentation was very inspiring for all of our 5th grade students. 

His enthusiasm and personal examples painted a clear picture to our students to continue to persevere and strive toward all personal goals and dreams that they may have.

Douglas Gardens 5th Grade Teachers


I asked Raz if he could present to our 5th graders after I read his column in the Register-Guard offering to come into classrooms and talk about setting goals and dreaming big. 

Boy, am I glad I did. 

His presentation was very much outside the usual "box", but in a good way! 

His presentation had us clapping to music, watching very professionally produced video clips, and best of all, thinking! 

He asked them to really think about their future and dream about what they wanted to do. 

He shared his own personal dreams and explained how and when they came true. 

He spoke truthfully about perseverance and hard work and I think the kids listened . . .and heard! 

Thanks for Razzing us up!

Patty Williams Sage
Guy Lee Elementary


Hello Raz,

Thanks so much for coming to my class. 

You managed to embrace all kinds of dreams, and you reached both the girls and boys effortlessly. Of course, it was good for me, too! It's cool how your current dream is spawning new ones all along the Willamette Valley.

Enjoy spring's frog calls, birdsongs, and emerging blossoms~

Jill Sisson
Ashbrook School



Just wanted to let you know how much fun the kids and I had yesterday during your presentation. It was a great exercise to have them write out their dreams; they were definitely inspired. 

It was useful insight for me as well to get that sneak peek into their dream world.

I am looking forward to discovering what sort of ideas a guided nature walk will inspire. I hope you had fun too.


Alison Bumstead
River Road


Hi raz! 

We really enjoyed your presentation, and had a great discussion about dreams which then somehow led to a long discussion about global warming, and waste disposal! 

Go figure...

Thanks so much for taking the time to come and visit us.

Brenda Monroe
Ceasar Chavez Family School


Hello Raz,

Thanks for fulfilling one of my dreams-- to have you come out and share with our students!

What a great presentation you made to our older group of kids. 

You did a superb job of reaching the middle school students right where they're at! 

The multimedia approach was great, mixed in with your enthusiastic talk and willingness to work with the kids -- like clapping with the music... answering all their questions so patiently, providing inspiration in so many ways with lots of different age groups represented in your PPT/ movies.

The feedback from the students was really positive. I really thought it was great that one student wanted you to share with his previous classmates at another school. He followed your suggestion and sent an email to his previous principal. Bet you'll be getting a call soon.

I felt personally challenged to do some more dreaming or act on my own dreams to make them happen. 

Thanks for coming all the way out to Culp Creek-- Child's Way Charter School. Hope to see you again some time.

Thanks for sharing the power of dreams! 

We'll be reaching for the stars!

Angela Kerns
Child's Way Charter School


Raz came to visit our two 5th grade classes a few days ago. 

The presentation was very engaging, energetic and exciting. 

The students were sold on the idea of not giving up on their dreams...and also dreaming big. I even had one student recommit himself to a dream that he had given up on (to become a heart surgeon). 

I strongly encourage any 5th grade teacher to invite Raz into your classroom. You won't be disappointed.

Name withheld upon request



Raz's presentation inspired something in my students. It was fast paced, high energy, and fun. 

It definitely kept their attention and they were still talking about it the next day. 

By sharing his own personal experiences and dreams as well as many others with his video clips, my students were able to think about what their dreams were and how they can work to reach them. 

I was personally inspired to get out into nature and continue to keep reaching for my own dreams!

Thanks so much, Raz!

Suzy Rock
Howard Elementary School


Any time you can get a group of fifth graders talking about their dreams and ideas for their future is impressive. 

Raz got my kids really talking and thinking about what they want to do with their lives, places they would like to go and goals they want to achieve.  

I got some of the best writing out of this group this whole year following his presentation.

Thanks for giving my kids permission to dream and a place to start. 

They really enjoyed the visit and we keep tabs on you through the web site...

Heather Klym


I just wanted to take this time thank you so very, very much for your awesome and inspirational presentation last week.  You were awesome. During Parent Conferences many of the parents mentioned how their kids went home and just talked up a storm about the presentation.

That says it all!  

This week they are writing about their dreams and we will put together a book with their dreams certificate so they can hold on to them, show and tell about them and hopefully one day begin to mark off those dreams on their lists when they come true.

I was standing in the back with my mouth open when you began to talk about Lance Armstrong and your daughter's book that she published and all the other amazing things that you talked about and got my dreams going again too.

Great job and I will definitely recommend you to other teachers. I will also have you come back to any other group of students that I am teaching.

Ms. Bradley and the 5th grade students of Coburg Elementary