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ISBN: 9781310374043

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Here are what some of my former colleagues say about this book:

"While there have been other, often repetitive books chronicling the now all-too-familiar fall of Lance Armstrong, John Rezell’s 'Taken for A Ride: Chasing a Young Lance Armstrong' is something entirely different. A balanced memoir telling parallel stories of the rise and fall of a famous cyclist (and one-time triathlete) and the less famous American journalist who was there from the beginning, covering an athlete and a sport that had its own rise and fall and that both Lance and Raz rode to its bitter end. Part sports book, part memoir, part character study, Rezell not only tells it like it is, but tells the lesser known story of how it was — crafting a compelling, compassionate and yes critical prequel on one of the great rise and fall sports stories of all time. A true insider’s look into the world of cycling and the world of Lance Armstrong that shouldn’t be missed."

—Chris Newbound, one-time editor-in-chief of Inside Triathlon.

In 'Taken for a Ride' John Rezell gives an inside view of Lance Armstrong before he became famous, and the struggles he went through balancing professional journalism with the need to be on intimate terms with Lance in order to tell his story. It's a quite a tale!"

--Felix Magowan, former publisher, VeloNews

"John was there when all of this was happening and he had a front row seat, giving him a unique perspective on the ascent and eventual decline of one of the sporting world's most compelling and controversial characters. The Armstrong era was a tough time for journalists on both sides of the Atlantic and John takes an uncompromising look at the pressures Lance.Inc placed on those of us trying to tell the story. It's a good read, with terrific insight into what made the man from Plano tick."

— Charles Pelkey, former Technical Editor of VeloNews

Here's what some of my family says about the book:

"Good job."

— My Wife, Debbie

"I finished. A compelling story. And true! Love it!"

— My Sister Barb

"I never thought that a celebrity would have relationships that could have an impact on the lives of ordinary people."

— My Youngest Daughter, Taylor

"It was fun to read about all the stories I've heard all my life, and finally add some order and perspective to them so they make sense. It was worth $100."

— My Oldest Daughter, Sierra (who was paid $100 for proof reading it)