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A Bucket List of Thank Yous
ISBN: 9781005191382

A Bucket List of Thank Yous is a compilation of Thank You letters I've written to the people who have had the biggest influence on my life. These letters to my parents, friends, teachers, mentors and others explain how people throughout our lives help mold us into the individuals we are. Even though my father possessed seemingly endless artistic talent, he found it difficult to write. He inspired me to honor my ability to write. This book is for everyone out there like my father, who find it difficult to put the words together to thank those who have left an imprint on their life. My hope is that you find inspiration to thank those individuals. Buy them a copy of the book, and send it along with a note about which letter best reflects your feelings toward them. The year 2020 has presented tremendous challenges for everyone, and through it all we've been able to see who we really are. Here's your opportunity to thank those who help you become the person you are today.